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Birthdays the Beginning

The Creators of Birthdays the Beginning

Yasuhiro Wada (Producer)

The man who came up with the ideas for this game. He has produced many original games with ideas that aren't seen anywhere else.

Yasuhiro Wada

Welcome to the world of Birthdays the Beginning! Hello everyone. I am Wada, the creator of this game. When I was a kid, I loved the show Ultra Seven. I loved cheering for Seven while he was fighting, of course, but I was also fascinated by the aliens that came from outer space. That's how I began to be interested in outer space. The sight of countless stars twinkling in the night sky. The history of space as it stretches out toward infinity. The more I learned, the more I immersed myself in its mysteries. This is how I became familiar with the history of the universe. I believe that everyone, not just me, is interested in the origins of life. One day, I learned about a secret tool from Doraemon called the Earth-making Machine. I don't really remember what the story was about, but the tool let you make a miniature Earth in your room. It really excited my elementary school self and left a lasting impression.

Eventually, I became an adult and started creating games. But I still clung to the dream of making something like that. Now, the people at Arc System Works have given me the chance to make that dream a reality! And that's how Birthdays the Beginning was born. This means the concept for the game has been in development for decades. <laughs> The grand theme of growing a planet and birthing life may sound like a daunting task, but our concept was to make it playable for everyone. Seeing the gradual growth of life in a barren land makes me bubble with happiness and excitement. It would make me very happy if lots of people are able to experience this game, and all the dreams it contains. I hope you enjoy it!

Main Visual Designers

The people who created the package art and clay sculptures for Birthdays the Beginning. They had a lot of fun designing the mascots and working with clay in the workshop.

Clay Sculptor: Ochappi (Clay Character Designer)


To make the diorama, we were careful not to simply recreate the designs from the game, but to emphasize their cuteness and make them more three-dimensional, to give them a more realistic sense of existence. I hope to make people feel excited about the game, so they want to collect each and every creature.

Ochappi's Official Site (Japanese site)

Clay Sculptor: Orippi (Clay Character Designer)


I'm Orippi. I worked mostly on the foundations of the diorama and the non-dinosaur animals. When I was young, I remember getting very excited about anime that showed dinosaurs and humans living together. So I'm very happy that I was able to show a view of the world that has dinosaurs. This is my first time making such a large diorama, so everyday was filled with trial and error.

I always had a vision of the completed project in my head. Keeping in mind the balance with the dinosaurs that Ochappi-sensei created, I was careful with the size of the animals I created so that the dynamism of the dinosaurs that Ochappi-sensei created really came through. The eyes are the most important part for depicting life-like expressions for animals, so I spent the most time on them. I'll never forget the overwhelming emotion I felt after we finished, and I saw the picture from the packaging photo shoot. I think it has a certain charm because it's such a one-of-a-kind, handmade work, which allows it to reach many people. I hope this continues to be seen by many.